Availability of current GCSEs and A-levels in 2015

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Ofqual has recently published the ?results of their consultation?? on what will happen once the new GCSE and A-level qualifications are available for teaching. Once a new qualification is introduced the current qualification will no longer be available.

For new qualifications, that will be taught from September 2015, the last teaching of the current 2-year qualification began in September 2014. The final award for these qualifications will be in summer 2016. Ofqual intend to announce the re-sit rules for these subjects in the New Year.

Ofqual feel that some current qualifications are too similar to one or more of the new qualifications and will withdraw these qualifications. These include AS and A-levels in Human Biology and Applied Business (single and double award). Ofqual recognise that some schools and colleges have already planned their curriculum for 2014/15. Therefore, they have made provision for schools and colleges that have previously offered these qualifications to offer them for a further year. These schools and colleges will begin teaching them in September 2015, with final awards in September 2017.

Due to a lack of significant overlap with the new qualifications exam boards can still offer AS and A-levels in:

  • Applied Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Science in Society.

We intend to offer this opportunity at AQA.

Ofqual have stated that all GCSEs and A-levels must either be changed and ready for first teaching from 2017, or withdrawn. We intend to have replaced A-level Applied Science and A-level Applied Business with Level 3 Applied General Qualifications and to have reviewed our on-going provision for the other qualifications by 2017.

Ofqual will shortly be announcing its findings on overlap for new qualifications due to start teaching in September 2016.

January 15, 2015

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