How does TutorASAP.com work?

It’s simple. Anytime you need help with your homework, no matter what you’re studying, you connect to a professional online tutor for as long as you want. Your tutor helps you work through your homework problems, step by step, until you’re finished with your assignment. Then you move on with your life.

Finish your homework fast

You’ll connect with one of our expert tutors in our state-of-the-art online classroom. It’s easy to work together on any assignment. And, forget about pencil and paper. These powerful features, will help you get more done in less time than ever before:

  • Upload a problem to the interactive whiteboard and solve it together, step by step
  • Share documents and proofread your essays in real time
  • Use the shared web browser to find authoritative homework help resources

Take the hassle out of homework

Getting started is easy. You won’t need any special hardware or software?

Note: To ensure that your tutor can help in the most efficient way, make sure you have your homework or project in digital format (Word, PDF or Excel)so it can be sent in advance.

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How do I schedule a session with a teacher?


Before reserving a session, speak to your tutor via internal messenger and explain what topic you need help on and also we recommend you to attach any document which can help your tutor to prepare in advance for you.
Reach an agreement for a specific time and Both tutor and student need to reserve the same room by selecting the option ?Virtual Classrooms?-> ?Reserve A Room? from the top menus.
After this step, you will receive an email with all the access information and the session will then be reserved for you.

How do I enter my class?

After reserving a virtual classroom, you will receive an email with a user name and password
On the day of your appointment, select the Virtual classroom you have reserved from the tab “Virtual Classrooms” , use your user name & password and off you go


What do I need to get started on TutorASAP?

You simply need a high-speed Internet connection and using a microphone headset ensures optimal quality of communication.
You can even use your pad or android device to enter a virtual classroom. Click here to check the minimum system requirements.
To ensure that your tutor can help in the most efficient way, make sure you have your homework or project in digital format (Word, PDF or Excel) so it can be sent in advance.


Can I have several teachers?college-student-520x378

?Yes, of course. For example, you can take English conversation classes with a teacher in New York and grammar lessons with a teacher in Liverpool. By choosing several teachers (therefore several availability schedules), you also maximize the number of timetable slots open to you to reserve lessons on.

I wish to cancel a lesson I have booked. What do I need to do??


Simply contact your tutor. The cancellation is free if you cancel in advance (See conditions for cancelling a lesson).

I cannot enter my class and have connection problem


Try using google chrome as your internet browser . More information Here!
Click? here for More information and troubleshooting!
User Guide. More information Here!
When you are ready, you can check your audio and video settings here to confirm that you’re all set!

?What else can I do to improve the technical quality of my tutoring session?


other user hears an echo of our voice during the tutoring session?

Try one of the following steps:
This most commonly occurs when either the tutor or student is not using a headset. What happens is that the person’s voice comes out of your speakers and in turn gets picked up by your microphone thus creating the feedback. If you want to use your computer’s built-in microphone we strongly suggest using headphones or ear buds for audio. Ideally, however, both the tutor and the student should use a headset with a built-in microphone
Once you have entered your session:i- Under the microphone option click on “System configuration/configuraci?n de dispositivo”And now in “Audio configuration / Configuracion de audio” make sure that the the option “Auto adjust audio/ Autom?ticamente ajuste el volume del microfono” is checked. This option automatically sets the audio and reduces echoii- Right click in the centre of your whiteboard to open up the context menu. Click Settings in the menu. Macromedia Flash Player Settings window opens up. Click on microphone icon and check ‘Reduce Echo’ option..iii- Click on the loud speaker icon on bottom right corner and then double click on the option “system sounds” .Now select the “Communication tab” from this new option and click on the option “reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%”


I hear with delays or images are frozen?

Through extensive testing, we’ve found that the following programs can negatively impact the quality of a tutoring session:
Peer to Peer and Download clients (BitTorrent, iTunes)
Screen Sharing (VNC, Remote Desktop, Apple Screen Sharing)
Video/Audio Conferencing software (iChat AV, Skype, Photobooth)

Pausing or closing these programs is strongly recommended before beginning a tutoring session

Double click on url address bar to select all and press F5 in order to leave the page and reenter again (You can also refresh the website by using the appropriate function in your web browser)
In the worst case scenario close the webcams, but leave voice chat active.

I could not get my camera to work. It was not listed as one of the cameras available?

Remember to give permission to the camera when the java app takes control of the camera!! The reasons for the problem can be:

Webcam drivers are corrupted or they are not properly installed. Please reinstall your drivers in the latest version from the manufacturer’s website.
Webcam is busy in any other application. Please shut down any other programs that are using the webcam.
Webcam is not connected properly to the system. Please check there is connection with the computer.
You connected/plugged in the webcam after launching the class. Connect webcam before you launch the class.

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