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Jane Z.


I have over 7 years of experience in one-to-one mentoring and tutoring as well as a significant quantity of informal experience with peers to draw on .
Whilst concentration and a passion for tutoring are clearly important, my best skill in tutoring will be to listen – successful tutoring places emphasis on the tutee. Tutoring is a very personal relationship, in which the difficulties of a student and learning methods differ depending on the individual. This is why a focus on the student helps to ensure training is as beneficial as possible.
In addition, I also have a good awareness of the different components of successful study, from knowing the syllabus breadth and depth to exam technique. The final goal of my tutoring is to establish confident and able tutees whose ability to perform well is firmly rooted in their enjoyment of the subject and the study in which we will partake.

Educational programs:

IB, IGCSE, A-LEVEL, University


Biology & Chemistry

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