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Hi my name is Daniella. I recently completed my PhD at the University of Bristol; I took my BA and MA at the University of Manchester.

Exam Boards: Edexcel boards for IGCSE , A Level and IB, but I am more than able to adapt to other boards.
Since my first tutoring job 5 years ago I have enjoyed every moment of it. I understand how frustrating it can be stuck on a problem or a topic and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Yet I have seen how useful one to one tuition can be, especially with regard to IB and A Levels. With the right pace and guidance no problem is too big, and this is where tuition shines above school education.
Studying Classics and Ancient History at University has been the best decision of my life so far, and I will bring all the enthusiasm for my subject to the sessions. Being at a similar age to the students allows my sessions to be fun an as well as informative – which is great since enjoyable learning beats boring learning!
Our sessions will be focused on understanding the problems at hand and logically working them out – not just memorising general solutions without any clear understanding. That way, when a unseen question arises in an exam you will be prepared to tackle it confidently by breaking the problem down to one you you have seen before.
If you are interested it would be lovely to chat on the community chatroom to get to know you and your subject requirements. Thank you for visiting my page!

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Latin, ancient Greek, ancient history, literature and art

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